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3INK Brand was born with the desire to spread God's Love through clothing. This is a gospel label seeking to change lives through our gifts, knowledge, and experiences with life's lessons: one god, one love, one life! With collections such as "BAG (Born A Gain)" that represents the new life that God brings us when we accept Him, "Broken" that represents the healing of the broken hearts of all of those that are lost in this broken world, "Rose Gold" that metaphorically shows the rose that grows in the concrete, representing the beauty in the struggle, all products are designed and developed to empower those who see it and wear it. If you would like to know more about the whole line of clothing available, be sure to check the Shop section or reach me through the contact form below so we can connect!

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If you would like any help or to know more about 3INK Brand or Yung Christ Kidd, write me a message here, and let's connect!

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